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A 'dresser' for the flowers


Today we finally send the guide book off to the printers. Aideen and James sat up until 3:45am, correcting little things discovered on the 3rd or the 4th ‘proof reading’ of the guide. Finally, James sent it off this morning. It seemed such a good idea to write a guide book, but it has turned out to be a marathon to get it finished in time for the first public Open Day on Easter Monday- God willing it will arrive on time. A big thankyou to Aideen and James for all of their hard work and it is a testament to the strength of their relationship that it survived the stress of meeting the deadline! For some reason there does not seem to be much time today. Diane paints one of the outside gates, James does some work on the Auricula Theatre and I carry on weeding, having moved on to the Brassica quarter. The garden is beginning to look really colourful and I’ve decided, if my Mother’s Day bouquet, is still alive 10 days after Mother’s Day, the flowers in the garden should still be there by Easter Monday. I spend some time trying to explain to grandad what an Auricula Theatre is, he has decided it’s like a ‘dresser’ for flowers and he’s not far off the mark. I say wait till its finished and all will be revealed! We are visited in the afternoon by our dear friend Emma, with her new baby, Bobby, and we take him to see the playhouse. She is convinced that he wants to move in right away, and he certainly seemed very contented; so, we hope all little visitors will enjoy visiting our tiny Tudor house!

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