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A dog of dubious character


Last night Patrick mentioned that he needed someone to walk Bella in the morning, so Aideen and I got up and took a very enthusiastic dog out at about 7:45am - she was waiting at the door eagerly - normally Patrick takes her out earlier. On our return, Pat comes over to the house and asks what we've been doing, and we mention walking Bella, and he looks confused and says, 'but I've already walked her!'. I am not impressed, I do not have time to take the dog for an unnecessary walk...she is so sneaky...we were convinced that she hadn't been! This behaviour combined with sleeping on plants in the borders rather than the grass, and stealing Aideen's fruit cake confirms my opinion that our dog is a 'dog of dubious character'.

Patrick, Aideen and I started the day arranging/organising the stained glass windows onto a board to work out how they will fit together on each end of the polytunnel - we bought some extra lovely pieces yesterday when we were in Bristol at a salvage yard that was selling stock off. Patrick then started constructing framed panels to fit the glass in. I clear the pea bed (this 2nd crop of peas has ben disappointing) removed all the pea sticks and replanted the bed with dwarf French beans which look much better. I then weeded and tidied (cutting back sage) the 2 ornamental herb beds - I am thinking of adding more Thyme to these beds. I planted out my new broccoli and spinach into the spaces left by previous crops and started weeding the central border triangles. Patrick made good progress with the stained glass (although he felt it was 'slow going') it looks beautiful especially when you turn on the lights in the tunnel. Aideen and I help Patrick as much as possible and she also did some weeding in the organ bed. I then write a list of what is left for me to do before the Open day, it is quite a long list of mainly weeding but some planting. I remember to go out after dark, and to bring someone with a phone torch, and we catch the guilty 'succulent eating' slug!

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