• Kay


25 MARCH 2020

The beautiful weather continues, but instead of being outside and working, I spend a large part of my time trying to unblock the toilet in my Dad’s Annexe. It has become blocked when my Aunt used it without assistance – she is supposed to press the buzzer when she wants to use the bathroom but she never does – she is an independent spirit. Usually someone spots that she has left her chair and calls me, but on this occasion, she managed to go to the loo unnoticed and we are left with bad blockage. Patrick checked and cleared all the drains and both of us tried various things to try and clear it, but to no avail.

In desperation (the thought of coping with no working toilet and two housebound, confused, elderlies, one of which is incontinent, filled me with dread), I called the Dad of one of my ex pupils who is a loc