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A Busy Weekend


We came home from music school and Patrick had fixed a 'trellis like' framework into four side panels of the polytunnel so I could get on with planting in the border. Firstly I planted out a roottrainer of Autumn sown sweetpeas to grow up the trellis - it will help them to get a headstart on the morning glories which are very vigorous! Then in front of them I planted the winter/spring salads which included two varieties of Lettuce, Milzuna, Wild Rocket, Cress, Black Spanish Radish and Spinach. Both Aideen and Meave were helping, and they managed to move the old terracotta pot collection in preparation for putting in a small paved area for the swing bench. Patrick put in a base for the playhouse, which I've decided needs to be revamped in a mock tudor style! Work continued on repairing old sheds and sorting out wood supplies.


St Patrick's Day!

Quite nice weather that soon becomes very changeable, and I begin to resemble the lady on a weather vane who goes in and out of the house, or in my case polytunnel, depending on the weather. I sort through my order from 'de Jager' - the dahlia tubers and begonia corms go into the rootcellar in pots with a covering of dry compost. I potted up the 'Richard Wallace' cannas and put them with the others in the tunnel. I decided to plant out the lily's - 10 Lotus Beauty and 10 Fata Morgana, alongside the small paths between the beds, leading away from the fountain. I planted out 20 Liatris, Floristan Alba in the fruit tree border to supplement the purple liatris. I planted out 6 Peonies - 3 Shirley Temple and 3 Percher into the 'field side' border. It then rained and I returned to the tunnel. I potted up the 6 cosmos tubers - they look like dahlias to me! - 3 Flamingos and 3 Astrosanguineus. I then potted up 3 Sandersonia Aurantiaca and 3 Tropaeloum Tuberosom. It then stopped raining and I decided to start planting some perennials I had potted up in the Autumn, these included, 12 Scabiosoo into the fruit tree border to add to those already established, 12 White Jacob's Ladders amongst the blue ones in the central borders,. I potted up 4 mint plants in old terracotta pots and placed them amongst the broadbeans to deter aphids. I planted out two Euphorbias in the field border a Tasmanian Tiger and a Blackbird. I then planted out 6 Pink Japanese Pussy Willows - Salix Gracilisyla 'Mount Asa' at the back of the fruit tree border and 6 Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' and 6 fragrant White Forsythia at the back of the 'field border'. Whilst in the field border I decide I will have to move some hydrangeas from the back that are being lost - but not today! It then rained and I went back inside and potted up all of the gloriosas (Glory Lilys) 3 each of Carsonii, Rothschildland and Superba - very strange elongated tubers that have to be planted horizontally! I then put them in the propagator. Throughout Tiggy eyes the industrious activity of her 'mummy' through one of the holes in the polytunnel roof!

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