• Kay


24/1/21 As promised, snow began to fall at 9:30am this morning. Before going across to grandad, I went outside to look at the bonfire which Patrick said was still burning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bonfire burning, surrounded by snow, whilst snow is still falling. Patrick had put some bits on the fire that morning and we know from experience that when you have a long lasting bonfire the ash heaps up and retains the heat, so it is easy to reignite the following day. The fire was only burning at a low level but it was warm and it was lovely to stand amongst the snow laden trees whilst feeling the heat of the flames.

I then walked around the Kitchen Garden and Orchard with Aideen to take pictures of different garden features in the snow. Snow always makes things look different and special. This tour was accompanied by Bella who then featured in many of the photos. I went over to get grandad up and he was very intrigued to see the snow, which was rather sweet.

I then went to feed Pecky and check her water wasn’t frozen (it was partly). I found, to my dismay, that the bottom of Pecky’s shed door (her hen house is constructed within a small shed) had been badly gnawed. Obviously, a country rat has been trying to get in to steal her food! I alerted Patrick and we discussed how we could reinforce the bottom of the door. We tolerate a certain level of rat activity considering where we live, but breaking into Pecky’s house is not acceptable!

The snow was absolutely beautiful and a lot of time today was spent just gazing out of the window…nothing wrong in that. We then continued with indoor pursuits, Patrick and Diane made a start on the living room panelling, Aideen and James did some baking, Meave spent time working on something complicated and mathematical to do with work and I continued with my quilt/cover creation. Good to see everyone occupied!