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37 Sweetcorn cobs!


Aideen and I are quite tired today after yesterdays concert, which was a great success, with 140 young people playing together. However, it had also involved, moving all of the chairs for the performers and audience, and all of our equipment from the school to the sport hall, before and after the performance, on a very hot day which was quite a big additional task on top of putting on the concert!

Today is a running around after children day - not that they are really children! Aideen is back at Guildhall after her long summer break, Meave is coming back from her long weekend away in Barcelona, so the combination of dropping people off, picking people up, and catching up on news, leaves little time before starting my teaching. I do manage to water and I decide on a pre-emptive strike with the sweetcorn which I've never done before. I pick all of the good cobs in one go, 37 in total!!! My trug is packed and very heavy, some of the cobs are huge! I leave some thinner cobs and a few that I think have gone past their best on the plants as a peace offering for our nocturnal visitors!

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