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30th Wedding Anniversary


I have been looking forward to today because Patrick and I have taken the day off to visit two gardens in the Oxford area. Waterperry Gardens, which used to be a ladies horticultural college and is particularly known for its herbaceous borders. The borders were beautiful and had the biggest and deepest blue delphinium I've ever seen. There was also a museum of 'rural life' situated in a small barn. This was a fabulous collection of curiosities curated by a delightful and very knowledgable elderly man - well worth a visit. We then visited Oxford's Botanic Gardens (the oldest in the country founded in 1621). I've wanted to visit these gardens for years and they were beautiful, surrounded by the river, making them feel like an island . When we returned home we had a bit of time before going out for dinner so I actually sat outside and read one of my new books - restraining myself from doing any gardening - a rare treat that felt very weird!

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